Magfield Manufacturing Pty Ltd

Offering comprehensive projects : At Magfield we take great pride in solving problems. Often we are approached about particular applications and just by asking some simple questions we are able to determine the right equipment to do the job. We don't expect our clients to just buy from a catalogue and hope for the best. It is this attention to detail and personal interaction that has magfield suppling companies such as BHP, Ford Australia, Amcor, Visy Packaging, NCI Packaging, SPC Ardmona and many others large and small. As well as being a supplier to the end user, magfield is also a partner to many engineering manufacturers including Satake Australia, Leon.K.Engineering, Australis Engineering, J.C. Butc o Engineering, Andritz Australia and Foodmach. These companies have been happy to use magfield magnets in their equipment for many years and we appreciate their support.

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