Magfield Manufacturing Pty Ltd
Plate and Grate Magnets

Magfield has a full range of plate magnets and grate magnets to suit any application. These magnets are ideal for protecting equipment and for removing ferrous contamination from process lines. They can incorporate either Ceramic or Rare Earth Magnetic Circuits, can be made to suit your particular requirement. Our engineers have vast experience and would be happy to discuss your needs.

Magfield Manufacturing Pty Ltd
Separation Equipment

In areas where a continuous removal of ferrous contamination is required magfield magnetic head pulleys, self-cleaning suspension magnets and drum magnets in housings can be supplied. Again size is not an issue as we design equipment to suit a particular application.

Magfield Manufacturing Pty Ltd
Conveying components

For steel can makers and users, magnetic conveying components are an essential part of their operations. Magfield magnetic rails and rollers, palletizing heads and conveyors are being used by Amcor, Visy and NCI Packaging plants through out Australia and SPC-Ardmona continues to be a valued client after more than twenty years. We have a comprehensive range to suit full or empty cans of any size.

Magfield Manufacturing Pty Ltd
Custom Designed Magnets

Take advantage of our extensive experience in magnetic engineering for that project where magnets may be a solution. We are happy to discuss your project and whereas our products are reliable and economic our advise is free. Please contact us.


Magnet Testing and Certification repairs to eclipse magnetic chucks and tools. Some industries require testing and certification for their magnets. Magfield provides a complete service where magnets are tested and certified. A report is issued detailing the magnets suitability for that application and its physical condition.