Plate and Grate Magnets for the Food and Plastics Industries.


Magfield Manufacturing Pty Ltd has been designing, manufacturing and supplying magnetic equipment to australian industry for more than 40 years. We have a wide range of products and services including the following plate and grate magnets for the food and plastics industries, separation mangnets for quarries etc. Can handle mangnets for the elevating and palletising of steel can products, recycle magnets for the refuse recycling programs, sales and service of eclipse range of magnetic products In addition, we can design and manufacture permanent and electro magnets for special applications. For expert advice on any magnetic application please contact us.

Magfield Manufacturing Pty Ltd
Plate and Grate Magnets
Magfield Manufacturing Pty Ltd
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Magfield Manufacturing Pty Ltd
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Magfield Manufacturing Pty Ltd
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About Us

Magfield Manufacturing Pty Ltd was established in 1980. The joint founders Peter Tedesco and Martyn Froy had formed a friendship when employed at Eriez Magnetics in Melbourne. In 1979 Ereiz Magnetics became a fully American owned subsidiary and they felt there was a place for a small Australian company to manufacture and supply magnetic equipment and so Magfield Manufacturing Pty Ltd was formed. Since then Magfield has been designing, manufacturing and supplying magnetic equipment to all Australian States and New Zealand. Our clients include some of the biggest companies in Australia in many different industries.